My home garden is in Monroe, Ohio. Officially in USDA hardiness zone 6a, we still, however briefly, have hit zone 5a lows in winters not to distantly past. The soil in my immediate vicinity is Eden silty clay. In many local developments, the good stuff has been scraped away and sold off as topsoil to some other poor schmuck who also had THEIR upper soil horizons scraped away. Whatever we had upon our arrival has been amended with horse manure, coir, and compost. There is no bed in my yard that couldn’t have been amended some more.

09 January 2013

And so, it begins!

A break in the bleak! Although the snowdrops (I have Galanthus elwesii in my garden) are in their early stages of bud color, they are not yet open. But,...

The first few blooms on my Hamamelis 'Girard Orange'

I found several blooms on Hamamelis (witchhazel) 'Girard Orange', which has consistently been the first plant to bloom in my yard for the last several years. Here's to the beginning of the 2013 growing season!